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The Future
of Exhibitions

What’s Inside?

This paper aims to address the issues related to the future of the Exhibition industry, with a methodological and structured approach.

It will examine the specifics of the topics using sources and elements of in-depth research.

This e-book proposes a specific taxonomy for the digital transformation of the exhibition system, with a strong conceptual focus and knowledge of how this “ontological” business metamorphosis can generate enormous added value from overthrowing classical models.

This paper also focuses on the abstraction of exhibition vocabulary in a changing world, as well as changes to our everyday lexicons that will be necessary to break free from the trap of the language. Otherwise, we would be incapable of adequately thinking about the “new world” to come.

Finally, this document compares the exhibition industry of the past to the current model and propose a vision of the future with a specific idea of the exhibitions of 2030.



  • Exhibition of the future·

  • Beneficiaries

  • Feed-forward

  • Data-switcher ecosystem

  • “From archive to oracle"

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