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About us

What We Do:
Making Sense Out of Data

GRS is specialized in Experience Optimization through quantitative and qualitative research.

We provide accurate understanding and data-driven insights to support organizations in their decision making.



Obtain, verify, and organize your data. Visualize our findings for ease of use and understanding.


Engage with your consumers, analyze their feedback (surveys, social media, sales points, loyalty programs, etc.), and humanize data.


Translate the needs and motivations of your customers and their communities into actionable insights and strategy.
About GRS

Growth through Research and Strategy

GRS is an international research and strategic advisory firm with its offices in Italy, UAE and UK. We specialize in data technology, analytics & insights services.

The mission of GRS is “driving growth through humanizing data” with a focus on experience industry sector covering exhibitions, MICE and large events, theme parks, attractions, sports & leisure, travel & tourism, recreation experiences, hospitality, restaurants, retail and hotels.

The differentiating feature promoted by all of GRS’s team members is their entrepreneurial drive. This strength combined with the strong company reputation translated into comprehensive and ‘creative’ research and strategy services.  The international team consists of Directors and Managers who were top performers at large research, experience companies, consulting institutions, corporates.


We are committed to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code On Market and Social Research and ensure compliance with every aspect of our work according to the standards set by the Code.
We have special agreements with exclusive field companies providing high quality solutions.
We always use our own field controllers for quality checks.

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