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GRS Exponetwork

GRS ExpoNetwork

GRS ExpoNetwork business unit focuses on the world of exhibitions and large events. 



The Experience Industry

This specific industry specialization, added to the experience across the different stages of the exhibitions, events and visitor attractions organization, made GRS understand the real needs of its customers. 

On a global scale GRS works with a benchmark of 2.000+ clients in more than 30 countries and it is considered the best provider of Customer Insights and Customers Experience by the Top Exhibition Industry Players, Event Organizers and Visitor Attractions.

Over the years GRS has built direct and very solid relationships with the main operators in the exhibition sector (Venues, Associations and Independent Organizers), Large Events, Consumer Show and Visitor Attractions, becoming a point of reference for the entire industries at international level, and contributing with numerous studies, seminars, conferences, articles and speeches to constantly dialogue with world opinion leaders.

Relationships with the organizing teams range from Data Insights (CRM Data Insights, Consumer Behaviour, Buyer Personas Prototype, Churn Rate Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Survey) and Experience Optimization (Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Testing, Mystery Shopping, Deep Customer Interactions).

exponetwork forum

An independent event for the exhibition industry

ExpoNetwork Forum is an interactive and networking event, where executives and top managers of the exhibition industry meet.

The aim of the initiative is to gather professionals of the exhibition industry, offering an independent, unique, interactive experience designed to stimulate ideas and inspire action on the main hot topics of the industry. 

The initiative aims to update and draw inspiration from a mix of contributions from both industry experts and operators from venues and organizers. The program deals with current issues for the sector, including: customer experience, digital innovation, new models, etc.

ExpoNetwork Forum takes place annually in Italy and in the UAE.


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Insights from GRS ExpoNetwork

GRS ExpoNetwork
2-Jun-2021 09.51.16 | Alberto Giacoppo

Exhibition Market Outlook - Q1.2021

Results Q1.2021 The impact of COVID-19 on the exhibition industry is profound at a global level. We have discovered thanks to...
GRS ExpoNetwork
12-May-2021 03.12.13 | Elisa Giachelle

GRS is Founding Member of VSef

A working group of event organisers and technology platforms announces Virtual Standard Export Format (VSef) a universal format...
GRS ExpoNetwork
14-Mar-2021 08.12.34 | Andrea Piccin

Web meeting | Dubai Global Events Re-opening Forum

How Exhibition Re-open: the Case Studies of Gitex and Gulfood in Dubai In the midst of the global pandemic since early 2020, Dubai was the first city...
GRS ExpoNetwork
6-Dec-2020 10.30.00 | Andrea Piccin

Web meeting | Digitalisation & Data Monetization: Harnessing the potential of data and ways to monetise it

In today’s world, most companies are thinking about data monetization. But it is not easy to identify and implement such a strategy. Data...

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