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    The Voice of the Exhibition Industry

    The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 is putting the exhibition industry to the test. GRS Exhibition Industry Market Outlook can help organizers face this challenge.


    The "Voice of the Exhibition Industry" is an ongoing, recurrent research aimed to collect the point of view of hundreds of trade shows professionals across the world. Results are a snapshot of the mood of the whole industry, tracing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic recovery efforts, providing business intelligence critical to effective decision making.

    The Exhibition Industry Outlook investigates the full spectrum of the Exhibition industry with a focus on the main countries, taking in the views of Event Organizers, and along with Venues/Exhibitions, Conference centers, Associations, Suppliers (contractors, catering, IT services, etc.) and other actors of the industry.

    Moved or cancelled events Q2.2020
    The impact

    89% of exhibitions have been moved or cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic

    The impact of the Covid-19 on the exhibition industry is massive. Almost 90% of respondents said their exhibitions were cancelled or postponed. Only 10.6% of events have maintained the original dates.

    About the Exhibition Industry Market Outlook

    The survey is sent to a panel of over 2,000 event and trade show organizers worldwide, through CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interview) technology. 

    The platform used for sending questionnaires and data collection is Explori. The data are analyzed by GRS researchers, both at a global level and for the main countries.

    The first wave has been collected in June 2020, and counts a over 500 respondents divided in the following geographical areas:

    • Europe
    • Americas
    • Asia
    • Middle East and Africa

    Download Q2.2020 Report


    Enrico Gallorini
    CEO, GRS

    The Exhibition industry’s most crucial COVID-19 indicator is here.
    We are proud to have created this independent space to collect the thoughts and opinions of our industry. I thank in advance all the respondents.