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    GRS Hypercube

    GRS HyperCube

    We at GRS HyperCube find, identify, and engage with your most valuable and hidden asset  - Angel Customers.

    Untapped Demand | Growth Through Humanizing Data | C2B and C2C

    Finding Your Most Valuable Customers

    An Angel Customer is someone who:

    1. Loves your brand;
    2. Buys your product and services;
    3. Your Guardian Angel who advocates and supports you at all times;
    4. Understands your brand through deep engagement and long experience;
    5. Push back against negative sentiment;
    6. Appreciates, but is not motivated by rewards;
    7. Immune to market disruption (inelastic);
    8. Aeen as an authority by greater community; and
    9. Willing to share ideas & insights.

    However, companies do not know:

    1. That they exist;
    2. How to find them;
    3. That there is no retention or acquisition cost; and
    4. Mainly require meaningful engagement.

    Angels Customers allow companies to enter into the C2B and C2C space.
    The C2B space, wherein customers bring value to business and the business consumes this value.

    community development

    Angel Customers Develop Companies’ C2B & C2C Business

    During this critical period of Covid-19 and beyond, the power of identifying and engaging with these Angel Customers is obvious. The value that they bring consists of not only purchasing company’s products and services, but their ability to generate demand i.e. turn their consumer network into future customers for the business, devotionally without any return or condition.

    In other words, they can help in the recovery of your business, which will result into increased revenues and profits.


    GRS HyperCube Services

    We reduce company’s budget cost, as we combine products and services that are normally part of different company activities.
    This covers areas such as data cleaning, collection and management, consumer market research, consumer feedback analysis and company response, for instance.


    • Data assessment and collection.
    • Data analytics.
    • Consumer experience market research.
    • Third party data assessment including customer reviews (Tripadvisor.com, Booking.com, Expedia.com, Zomato.com, etc.).
    • Angel customer handbook or manual.
    • Angel Customer Program (ACP).


    • Data quality assessment & improvement.
    • Market research report with key findings (all customers).
    • Angel customer list with insights.
    • Angel customer report.


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