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    • 89% of respondents have been directly affected by Covid-19, with the postponement and/or cancellation of one or more events they oversee
    • Visitors not being willing or able to travel is the most critical issue at the moment. The top two threats are (by far) the expected reduction in trade show budget of exhibitors and the travel restrictions visitors and buyers may face
    • 65% of event organisers have already offered workshops and webinars (or will do it within 6 months). 44% will offer matchmaking solutions, which is considered to be the initiative that more than others will remain post emergency according to 87% of respondents who are investing in this direction


    • 73% of respondents will have at least one event in the last quarter of 2020 (37% even earlier, in Q3-2020)
    • 58% of respondents who are responsible for a single event said this was growing until the Covid-19 pandemic. Attendance by national visitors and exhibitors should go back to what it was before within 2 editions, whereas the presence of international guests and revenues in general will take longer
    • This is confirmed by professionals in charge of more than one event, mostly C-Level, who are not expecting a recovery to pre-pandemic figures before 2022


    • Even though almost 50% of respondents thinks the industry reacted well to this crisis, there is still doubt that events will take place in the second half of 2020
    • 72% agree that support from the government is crucial in order to overcome the current problems
    • 38% think that participation to events will be less than pre-pandemic, even after the emergency will be completely overcome
    • Digitalisation, Big Data, and AI will be the top 3 technologies in terms of impact on the exhibition industry in the coming years, and the market will benefit organisers who will be successful in providing effective matchmaking solutions and year-round networking opportunities


    • There is a significant interest towards virtual events, which should benefit participants particularly when it comes to knowing what’s new in the market and participating in seminars and conferences
    • 72% of respondents say their organization has already got in touch with digital, virtual, or hybrid event solution providers
    • These are perceived as short-term solutions to overcome the current restrictions, and will possibly be complementary to physical events, but are not expected to represent a threat nor to replace physical trade shows

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